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CChinese sword special security (Bodyguard) company is a global high-end business services, security guards professional VIP security protection mechanism, security consultant and special training of employment security, enterprise security operating system, training special security services, security services, special professional personal security assistant (Bodyguard), high-end......

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  • Is mainly directed against the personal safety has potential threat or are subject to the personal safety of customers and launched a 24 hour personal security service. For example, between in the business field of competitors or partners economic disputes, inadvertently offend the enemy, is the so-called social Bludger, harassment, hunting, caused by asset partitioning revenge and so on. The other than by legal ways to solve the problem. Take illegal means and even violence forced to solve the problem, at any time for family or personal form of personal safety and even endanger the safety of life.

  • In order to adapt to today's society the development trend of the demand for high-end talents. The sword of the bodyguard training base to undergo a rigorous selection and targeted training, introduced the advanced business bodyguard security service. To provide security services for high-end services business elite, but is not a qualified occupation bodyguard is also a full-time driver while both the Secretary, business assistant position. 

  • Compared with the male bodyguards for. Female bodyguards small target. Concealment. Careful, prudent. Suitable for men and women employers. Business office capacity than male bodyguards. But a qualified occupation bodyguards can always protect the safety of the employers. Also, the nanny, commerce secretary assistant, and assistant living.

  • The particular thing, on certain occasions, need to do security measures within a short time. Provisional bodyguard is the best choice. As the field trip to talk business, carrying large amounts of cash or valuables; or wedding, celebration and so on various performance.

  • Over the years, about overseas Chinese, Chinese were killed, kidnapped, blackmail and impose exactions on events around the world frequently appear in newspapers, It is often seen. Safety status of the Chinese, overseas Chinese in the world have become the number one problem. China bodyguards with respect to Chinese, overseas Chinese where bodyguards, first exquisite China Kung Fu in time of danger can protect the personal safety of employer. Abroad than those China without real bodyguard to much more sensitive. 

  • For the benefit of the people, the sword for security and peace!
    The sword of the company as a special population in particular the introduction of free security services (such as: people in vulnerable groups, inbound to people, scientists, have made outstanding contributions to the state of)


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China Lijian special security company limited

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1, the Hongkong company is located in Kowloon, the registered capital of five million, Domestic Company is located in Guangdong Province, the registered capital of ten million, in 2014 the establishment of special training base in Dongguan.

2, strategic objectives: at home looking to the future, to the diversified development, create international brand.

3, business philosophy: management without blind spots, services more standardized, more professional skills.